Daryl D. Johnson Artist

Amherst, NH 03031 603-377-0250

The Chi of Clouds

Shifting water patterns and rising transient clouds reflect nature’s energy in my oil paintings. The views are familiar, but the subtext is the underlying chi, the sweeping momentum. The earth “breathes” in and out with compositions of uplifting shapes. Light dances from mountain top to cloud droplets to ocean to beach. I enjoy kayaking, gardening and motorcycling during which I gather visions for compositions.
Practicing Ai Chi (Tai Chi in a pool) inspires visions of mindfulness. Skies resonate with pulsing waves of clouds and lofty patterns produce a rhythm of color. These oils on canvas celebrate
the vibration of the planet.

The oil paintings of Daryl D. Johnson are awash with the energy of nature using shifting patterns of water and rising transient clouds. Art New England describes them as “gestural realist landscapes with the overall effect of speeding through layers of lighted space.” Johnson has a BFA from Hope College in Michigan, and studied at the Vermont Studio School and The Art Students League of New York. Born in Manhattan, she has painted in multiple states and currently lives in Amherst, NH.