Gruppe: Art in the Family
December 2 through February 11, 2018

Art in the Family

Charles Paul, Emile Albert, and Robert Charles Gruppe all had the intense love of painting which was inborn in Charles and passed along to generations of his family. A family lineage of renowned artists, show their love of natural beauty, seacoasts, and harbor scenes, although uniquely different with brush stroke and color, share their similar devotion and expertise.

Charles Paul, largely self-taught, studied in Holland and was inspired by this Scandinavian country’s landscapes, beautiful coastal scenes and seacoasts. Emile Albert, encouraged by his father, was granted the best teachers unlike his father. His love of winter harbor scenes, a natural of Gloucester, MA, became his canvas. Robert Charles, succeeding too in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, continues to craft and seize movement, light and the mood of his landscapes and harbor scenes of Gloucester, MA on a larger scale, thus exploring his vision and talent.

This Family of Art, brings tranquil peace and serenity with each distinctive brush stroke of some of New England’s beautiful waters and harbors scenes.