A Tribute to

The Life and Work of Shirley Pulido


Beloved artist and friend of the gallery, Shirley Pulido, passed away peacefully at her home on March 20, 2020.  Those who knew Shirley, knew she was a gift.  I, Gallery Director, Mindy Taylor, was so lucky to get to know both Shirley and Numael as we worked to put their exhibit together.   As mutual friend, Andrea Scheidler so poignantly stated, “Shirley was a brilliant spirit, classical artist, poet, and dear friend and we are so sad she left us.  Shirley,  we will celebrate your more than eight decades of what is fine and true.  We will celebrate friendship.  We will remember the warmth we felt when we saw you, your greetings always so warm and full of sparkle.  When key people pass away we feel at once focused and disoriented.  The tide line changes, I believe, but not the sea.  We will meet you there Shirley, at the tide line where the light reaches the sands.”

Shirley attended Syracuse University, The University of Rochester, The Brooklyn Museum Art School and Cooper Union, and established a career as an oil painter and pastel artist.The Pulidos maintained a studio in Hancock, NH where they painted and taught fine art and skills for several decades.  Shirley was recognized as a fine oil painter and pastel artist.  Her artwork is in many collections.  The Fry Fine Art galley continues to represent works from the 2019 show.