Hans Amis



In a Blue Dress

Oil on Canvas

40 x 30

With Frame

48 x 38

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Condition Report: Signed “Hans Amis” lower right.  Both painting and frame are in good condition.

This inspiration for this painting was clearly from John Singer Sargent’s (1856-1925) Mrs. Louis Raphael. As Amis decided to produce his rendition on the canvas Fry Fine Art has for sale.  One can see how easily Amis could be inspired to paint a copy of the beloved and beautiful Mrs. Louis Raphael. Sargent created her with such depth, beauty, and authenticity. Her reflection in the mirror to the room we can just barely get a glimpse of in that same reflection that captures her profile.  The light coming in from a window that is out of frame, casting the perfect amount of light on the fireplace and her resting arm, to encapsulate the focal point and to draw your eye around the painting.  For more images of John Singer Sargent’s work visit www.johsingersargent.org

Mrs. Louis Raphael - John Singer Sargent - www.johnsingersargent.org

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Weight 6.8 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 10 × 42 in


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